Friday, September 23, 2011

A dream realized...(Final Walkthrough)

I did my final walkthrough on yesterday and the house look fantastic. Words cannot express what I am feeling today. God has blessed us and given us favor throughout this whole process. I am so excited about closing on Monday. I feel God's anointing all over me and I ready for those keys to lay in my hands. If you guys knew the half of what we have been through to get to this place, you would be in disbelief and know that it had to be God to get us here. I don't want to look back because I know what and where he brought me from, so I am going to look forward to where God grace will take me. Enjoy the pics.


study on left (love the french doors)

left side of basement

hall bathroom

hall bathroom

master bath

laundry room

half bath

master bath

Friday, September 16, 2011

Pre-final Walkthrough

I did our pre-final walkthrough today and was pleasantly  surprise that the landscaping was done. It made a huge difference on the look of the house. I nearly cried just thinking about how far we have come by the grace of God. The last time I saw the house was after the drive way was completed (see picture below). Our PM told me that they have to redo our driveway pavement because of all the rain its soft, cracking and bouncy. I ready with my list of concerns today, only to find that most of them had already been fixed. Ten more days before closing and I am excited. Still some clean up need to be done, but for the most part everything is done.  This is a dream realized and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to received far beyond what we could have asked or thought possible for us.

  Nice size guarage.

 Finally, landscaping done!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bonus pics of exterior

Weird lighting in basement

Is it me or is there an abundance of these lights in the basement. We decided to not do recess lighting as our realtor said it would be less expensive and easy for us to do on our own. So we ended up with these lights. They should show you pics of what the standard options would look like, so you can make an informed all those lights like that look crazy to me. My husband said its fine until he switch them to recess. I guess its not the worst, just looks odd with so many, so close together.  See pics below.

left side of basement

right side of basement

top of basement stairs.

Production slowing down...but some work accomplish

Production as went from the speed of lightning to turtle. Nothing much as change in two weeks except the shelving in all the closets are done and comodes are in all bathrooms. The dish washer is in place, but not connected. The oven has been just sitting in the floor, but I went by today and it looks like they just finished the gas line for the stove and plumbing work under the sink. The faucet looks cheap and the sprayer is on the left side, which is wrong. I have never seen a sprayer on the left side of the faucet because most people are right handed. I left a voice message for our PM about it and the hole in the cement in the basement that has water in it and it has been two days and I have not gotten a response. I feel myself getting frustrated and tired of this whole process, so I am trying to hold it together. I move out my current home completely Wednesday since we will have renters moving in Sept. 1. Dealing with our current home and the new home is exhausting.  We have to get a fridgerator and microwave since Ryan did not provide it or so we were told. Never realized it was a "option". At least buying it ourselves we can get what we really want. I am seeing our selections and to be honest, nothing is what I expected. Maybe its just me being tired and frustrated. Please keep me in your prayers.

hall bathroom

laundry room

master bath...don't remember picking all that color ceramic for shower and tub

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Counter tops & cabinets are now in 8/14/11

I am feeling like a child waiting for Christmas day to open my presents. The counter tops are beautiful and the cabinets are a little lighter than I expected. However, my husband did decide on the color of cabinets. The master bath is coming along with counter tops and tub installed. I am thinking by Saturday the flooring should be started. I am still working on a renter for my current home, which seems to be taking longer than I expected. We should have listed it for rent sooner than we did. Well, I refuse to stress over it and just trust that God has everything in his hand. My gift to myself will be a serious body message by a seasoned professional that knows how to get all the tension out (lol). I am waiting to exhale.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dry wall complete! yeah! 8/6/11

I feel like I am about to burst. :) Just got a call from our PM and he said cabinets and painting should take place this week, with flooring and some electrical things done next week. I am thinking I may be done before September 22. Either way, I am ready.

front and dinning room to the left

counter tops and cabinets just waiting :)