Thursday, August 25, 2011

Production slowing down...but some work accomplish

Production as went from the speed of lightning to turtle. Nothing much as change in two weeks except the shelving in all the closets are done and comodes are in all bathrooms. The dish washer is in place, but not connected. The oven has been just sitting in the floor, but I went by today and it looks like they just finished the gas line for the stove and plumbing work under the sink. The faucet looks cheap and the sprayer is on the left side, which is wrong. I have never seen a sprayer on the left side of the faucet because most people are right handed. I left a voice message for our PM about it and the hole in the cement in the basement that has water in it and it has been two days and I have not gotten a response. I feel myself getting frustrated and tired of this whole process, so I am trying to hold it together. I move out my current home completely Wednesday since we will have renters moving in Sept. 1. Dealing with our current home and the new home is exhausting.  We have to get a fridgerator and microwave since Ryan did not provide it or so we were told. Never realized it was a "option". At least buying it ourselves we can get what we really want. I am seeing our selections and to be honest, nothing is what I expected. Maybe its just me being tired and frustrated. Please keep me in your prayers.

hall bathroom

laundry room

master bath...don't remember picking all that color ceramic for shower and tub

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