Monday, August 8, 2011

Framing done and roof complete! 7/16/11

Ok, Ryan Homes is officially my favorite builders (like I know Wow! So much done, so fast. Now the roof is complete, rain should not hold back any progress. It has been pretty dry lately, so weather has been great for us, but not so great for some of the neighboors lawns. :( 
I just did my pre-drywall walk-through 7/20/11. My husband is out of town for work so he was on the phone. I am confused by the bathroom rough-in in the basement. We had no idea choosing the rough in meant the bathroom would not be framed. Where the rough-in and door opening is located, we cannot picture how the tub will fit. Our project manager Mike said that choosing the rough-in meant they were not going to do the framing. If they did the framing then they would be required to finish the bathroom. He assured my husband he could explain how the bathroom framing could go to him better in person. Ok...I am finding that sales left out several things. Like I just noticed the over hang roof (not sure what it is called) did not come over the front door, like it did the house the lady from sales showed us. The project manager said once again, that was something we would have chosen during sales. Of course we were never told we could choose our roof elevation, which determined whether the door would have a roof covering. I did ask once what elevation A meant and the sales person made it like no big deal, just our roof pitch. This really bothered me, but what can I do? Its too late now. Apparently the house we were shown had a different elevation. Now my guest will be standing in the rain until I open the door and all the rain comes right in the house...ugh!!! Other than that everything else was exactly as it should be. So I guess I have to get over it at this point. Nothing is !00% perfect and God did bless us with this home.

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  1. I love your elevation!

    I'm sorry your sales Rep was more clear. =/

    The door way over-hang is something than you can add later though, probably for less than what Ryan was going to charge for it. Use a tax return for it. =) Look at it as God saving you money in long run. ;)

    I know one blogger who is planning to add a whole front porch after closing, for less. =)