Monday, August 8, 2011

Siding and Insulation done 8/3/2011

Ok...I have gotten over the front door situation and I am in love with my home. We finally have a completion date of  September 22, 2011. Everything is looking great. The pre-drywall inspection passed, except for one thing, which Ryan fixed right away (something with the duct work in the basement). The shower seat was too high, but that is now fixed. My husband met with Mike our PM and he now feels secure with the basement bathroom rough-in and how he can change the door entrance when we are ready to do the bathroom.

pic taken 7/30/11

pic taken 8/3/11


  1. Was the construction work finished on time? The interior's foundation and insulation seem to be on the right track. The exterior, on the other hand, looks fantastic! The sidings gave a certain dimension and look to the exterior, which made it look good. :)


    1. Yes, everything was completed on time, with no delays. We have been here a year and we are so happy!

  2. I would like to congratulate you guys on the progress you made that day. How's your house now? Having sidings and insulation properly installed will help you cut down on utility bills. Just make sure to contact professionals when it comes to maintenance issues, so that both the exterior and interior of your house are fully at its top form.

    Joann Winton @ AJC Roofing